So, I woke up fine on Saturday morning but within half an hour, whilst I was sat down in a brilliant chair (from a support perspective), I felt my back seize up.

I couldn’t stand up or walk straight.  Poor Mr PinQ was torn between utter horror at my pain and laughing at my impression of a constipated Neanderthal.  I was out of pain relief thanks to my GP and trying to work out how I was going to be able to get myself upright so that I could go to work today.  It’s my last week and I am determined to clear my tasking to alleviate some of the pressure that the Team will be under from next week.

I kept moving, had a hot bath, did some physio exercises, asked Mr PinQ to assist by applying pressure to my spine in some areas and spent the day laced tightly into a corset and finished with some home-made wine (loopy-juice) to try to relax the muscles.  I slept in the guest bedroom so that I could sleep flat on my back and not worry that I would snore and keep Mr PinQ awake and did a little Tai Chi.

When I woke up, I was at least able to stand straight but I was still in agony.  I was all twisted out of shape and every step was agony, my a*** stuck out like Mick Jagger in a strut but in slow motion – really attractive!

It has been over four years since it has been this bad so I decided that I had to go to the surgery.  I figured that if I saw the doc, he might relent and realise that I actually need the medication.

I have never taken them as prescribed – I know how bad they are for me – a quick look at my history would have told him that but I was really concerned that he would still refuse.  Thankfully, the lady on triage (I’ve never met her before and can only assume that she is a nurse practitioner) was brilliant.  She assessed me, checked my notes in a few seconds and prescribed the whole cocktail.  I was crying with relief as I headed to the chemist.  I am now as high as a kite and no longer care about the pain; another reason why I only take the meds when I can’t get my own shoes and socks on, when I have to crawl to the bathroom in the mornings.

Before seeing her, I was wondering what I would have to do to ease the pain if I had to see the incompetent again and I realised that my choices were as follows:

– Order the medication from the internet – which we all know is super safe!
– Find a local dealer and spend money on class A drugs (which would be impossible without a job!)
– Grow my own drugs

The latter option being preferable over the other two but how horrendous it is that knowing that my GP would not prescribe the medication that I needed, I was worried that I may have to make a decision to engage in criminal activity!  Worse still that the pain was so bad that I was considering that and I still couldn’t go to him because he flat refuses to let me have them because, and I quote: “they are bad for you”.


The cycle home was interesting!

I thought I’d better stick to the pavement as my cheap retro light broke and the local Pashley dealer has none in stock.  Thankfully, when the Police cycled past, I was walking.

The pavement had covers in several places where holes were being dug, bollards, signs, a bus stop with benches, wheelie bins out for collection and massively overgrown shrubbery so I had to up my game significantly.

The best bit…

For the second time this week, I didn’t gear down going over the bridge, I just powered through it!

Go me :-)

New do

I had made up my mind.  I wanted to go Marylin.

I’ve only had my hair coloured a couple of times in my life but the lack of sea and sun, coupled with getting older had left my hair looking a little dull.  A couple of years ago, after a cut, I had noticed a lot of greys and when I mentioned it to Mr PinQ, he said, “Yes, I noticed them when you came out of the hairdressers.”  If that wasn’t enough, my hairdresser kept suggesting that I book in for a colour!

So, H____ and I cycled to the hairdressers and I had a chat about what I wanted.  I even found a photo of my prefect “do”, a bit of a modern take on Marylin’s platinum tresses.  The Colourist said that she would streak it rather than do a block colour, “to make it more ash than white”.  I was horrified, that was the opposite of what I wanted.  Anyhoo, toner was applied to my head for a patch test and off I went.

The day of the appointment came and I went to the salon all excited.


20150410-Old Hair

The Colourist saw the little bit of sun-bleaching on the ends of my hair and decided to match that.  As soon as it was rinsed out and I was sat in front of the mirror, I knew that it wasn’t right.  My hairdresser started to cut and all I wanted to do was cry.  By the time she started to dry it, the Colourist came over to ask why I wasn’t happy.

I’m getting used to it now, it’s a lot brighter than it was and I keep being told that it suits me.

Deep down, I know that it would look exactly like this if I was a surfer chick.

20150410-New Hair (1)

20150409-Finished Garden (6)

Days Off

I try to always book my leave around Bank Holidays, I know that I still get the same amount of leave regardless but a week at each Bank Holiday makes it feel like I am having more full weeks off in a year.  I don’t think that I have ever been more ready for time off than I was on Maundy Thursday, 2 April 2015.  It was an early finish, 11:30 ish and I had the afternoon all planned out, including a nap.  The best laid plans… The Engines BU were working until 16:00 but all of the Team were contracted for the early finish so I stayed in the office just in case.  It did have a bonus though because the IS guys had the time to sort out the VPN on my work laptop.  Consequently, I didn’t go to rehearsal that night because I was too exhausted so the first part of my leave didn’t quite go to plan.

After a fabulously refreshing 14 hour sleep (inorite!) my break began.  Unusually for me, I managed to get loads of rest.  Don’t get me wrong, there were some mad flurries of activity but at last, I found myself able to relax.  I know that sounds daft but for so long, I have either spent holidays getting things done or just collapsing that this break has been a real treat.

Don’t get me wrong, Mr PinQ and I have done absolutely loads in the 12 days that we’ve been off but I feel great.  So great in fact that after a fab day in Bath and Brizzle yesterday before ice-skating, I was shattered this morning and really didn’t want to go back to work.

I extended my holiday by a day!

After getting up at about 10:15, we had a major housework day.  Despite it knackering me to the point of a three hour sleep in the early evening and being shattered now, I’m glad that we did, the kitchen and bathroom are gleaming.  It is more obvious there because they were the two rooms that got trashed during our gardening marathon.

We spent three and a half back-breaking days digging up plants, weeding, re-landscaping, fencing (with wood and bamboo screen, not foils), laying anti-weed matting, re-planting, potting and covering the garden with bark chippings.  It looks beautiful.

I decided to cut back the bamboo.  Little did I know!  Oh yes, I am well aware of how tough it can be when it is well established but after ruining a garden fork and spade on the first day, I certainly wasn’t expecting to then ruin a second fork ten minutes after getting it home!  So. a few text messages later and we had a chainsaw on loan.  It failed.  Yes, that’s right, I said that it had failed.

I decided to try to undermine the bamboo’s foundations with a chisel and a lump hammer and it tried to fight back.  Battle ensued.

Over three nights, I hammered and chiseled away at the roots and got over three quarters of the way through it.  Where the spade, two forks and a chainsaw failed, my trusty lump hammer and one of my old, cheap chisels prevailed – although I think that i t is fair to say that bits of me still hurt, seven days later!  On the fourth day, whilst I was at the hairdresser’s, Mr PinQ borrowed a grub axe from the gravedigger that lives across the road and got out the final root-ball.


20150409-Finished Garden (1) 20150409-Finished Garden (4)

Now that the garden is all pretty, we re getting four new chooks on Saturday!  Charlotte, Dorothy, Evelyn and Florence – YAY!

Incidentally, I will now be doing Gold at ice-skating on Monday nights – DOUBLE YAY!


Personal Admin vs Sleep

For a couple of months now, my personal admin has gone to the wall.  I believe it started as my hours at work got beyond reasonable whilst my backlog continued to increase.  Since then, although doing less hours at work, I am still doing too many and have to go in for a few hours over the weekend to prep for the coming week.  I intend to do a lot of hours every other weekend to start chipping away at my backlog but I still have to plan in time to get through my personal admin:

  • I don’t know how late I am with my degree assignment so I must do a couple more sketches, check that I finished the research and write up my evaluation before I post it to my tutor
  • I have to finish the Burlesque choreography for the show so that we can practice it
  • I have a questionnaire to create
  • I must crack through my next degree assignment – I have to finish my first subject by the end of the school year
  • My art room/visiting children’s room is a tip.  I started sorting paperwork for archiving and art materials back in my November week of unpaid leave but ran out of time and have since ignored it
  • My clothes need to be sorted into: charity shop, work, smart, casual, dressy
  • I haven’t had a haircut since August
  • I have two baby raggy-blankies to make
  • I have several other raggy blankies to make for double beds
  • I’m part way through making pair of nets to stop our weirdo neighbour from peering in
  • We need a new back fence for the reason given above
  • I need to chase up on missing Christmas and Birthday gift orders and a work beverages order
  • The kitchen, bathroom, dining room and both sitting rooms need decorating
  • I owe the guinea-girl-babies another floor
  • We have to get some new chooks, I miss having chooks around and can’t face bought eggs anymore
  • I have to write a letter to accompany a real Unicorn’s horn for a very special little girl and deliver it to her via her Grandma
  • I have 4 letters to write
  • There is a deep scratch on my car that a gang of urchins gouged when I challenged them one night – some of you will remember my solution to an accidental scratch on CarlosCarlos' Hearts Carlos' Hearts 2

Tonight, after cycling home from work with a stop for a 1:20 gym workout; I had a shower and something to eat with every intention of getting on with the final bits for Assignment 3 of my degree.  When I sat down, I realised how tired I am.

I’m going to go to bed instead.  I can take on one job at a time but not until I’ve had some rest!


I’ve never counted them.

It has never been about my diet; with me, it is purely about exercise.  I can eat like a sparrow and not lost weight but as soon as my activity levels go up, the lbs fall off.

Since last summer, I have been logging my workouts on mapmyrun and wasn’t really surprised to find that my ice-skating burns more calories than running or cycling.  What was unexpected was when I split my cycle to work and back into two workouts and the calories went up!  As one, 10 mile journey, the calorie burn was 567 but when I broke it down, each one was 337!

So does that mean that it is better to do a few shorter rides than one long one?


I am trying to work out what to ask Mr PinQ to get me for my birthday.

I normally don’t have too much fuss but next year is my 20-20th and this evening is an early, impromptu birthday celebration of roller-skating, a meal and karaoke.  Next year’s will need to include parties in the North and South so a little practice can’t hurt!

My choices are:

A couple of Zoggs swimsuits and Glass Hub vouchers.  Zoggs became my choice of swimsuit because of the half dozen or so that I have bought over the last 9 years, my Zoggs is the oldest, looks great, hasn’t lost its ability to hold everything in and has retained its opacity.  I have only just started swimming again since the illness 18 months ago and most of my suits only lasted a couple of years so now that I am swimming regularly, I need more Zoggs.

Zoggs 1 Zoggs 3

Some lushy DMs for work because my pretty heeled Mary-Janes had to be thrown away when the buckle detached a couple of months ago.  These are the two that I am trying to choose between (but I am open to suggestions!):

DM boot  DM Brandie

Or a set of Coronation Ace blades for my ice-skates.  They are lighter, have a better toe-rake and blade profile than my current ones and would make the jumps and spins so much easier now that I am trying to do silver.  I bought Edea boots almost two years ago because I knew that they would last but the standard blade that is fitted is still relatively cheap and no where near the quality of the boot:

coronation ace

Or maybe I should ask for a pair of incredible roller-boots:


Oh, I’ve just seen the price of those, they can wait!

*sigh* decisions, decisions.