Holy Ice Picks!

The title may have been borrowed from the old “Batman and Robin”…

I can’t believe it.

I have only entered the International Emerging Artist Award *faints*

I figured that my Boundaries>The Human Condition>Clones series would fit the key judging criteria very well:

ORIGINALITY: Jury will look at the originality of the work and technique that is used to execute it, creativity and quality of execution.

CONTEMPORARY: Jury will judge if the work is exposing one current issue or the way a global or universal topic is treated with an original and contemporary view. This is a contemporary art competition.

CONCEPT: The concept should express a personal point of view, critical and sensitive, and should reflect the universe and imagination of the artist.

COHERENCE: Between the work and the concept, jury members will check if the series proposed is consistent with the concept exposed.

My concept was a summary of all of the research that I carried out for the Confirmatory Stage of my Diploma and is personal on several levels, contemporary and topical (Orphan Black), original with regards to my understanding and interpretation of “The Human Condition” and it is most certainly cohesive.

I think I’ll celebrate with a milky coffee.


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