Saatchi Online

I’m still in shock.

I registered on Saatchi Online a few weeks ago but couldn’t muster up the courage to actually upload any photographs of my work for sale.  Tonight, I made a start.  I’ve finished for the night as it is way past my bedtime but I need to gather my energy, I’m buzzing!

Pricing was the biggest challenge, and not for the first time either.  Last time I sold some of my work was to help me to raise some of the money that I needed to move 250 miles and I asked the opinions of my friends.  This time was easier in a way.  I looked at a sample of the works for sale on Saatchi online and several, that to me were utter dross, would have cost me several months’ wages so whilst mine are quite low priced in comparison, they are much higher than I would have valued them (material costs + time).

I blame it all on the stripey onesie that Mr PinQ bought me for my birthday.


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