It’s been such a long time…

…since I had a pretty new outfit.

Those of you that know me well and have known me for over 10 years will remember my shoe collection that peaked at 90-something beautiful pairs.  I still have some of the loveliest but rarely get the chance to wear them.

Well, for the first time in an age, I spoiled myself this weekend and bought these beauties:

20140802-Faith Shoes

I was devastated when Faith shut its shops, as much as when the same fate befell Ravel Shoes.  Thanks to Debenhams (for Faith) and the internet (for both), neither brand truly died but it has been such a long time since I was able to really treat myself that these were more than just a pair of pretty shoes.  I still insist on comfort and refused a rather pretty pair in T-Reds because they didn’t have my size, despite the assistant trying to convince me to try a size too small and then I found these and they feel like slippers on.

The display shoe was dirty from dirty bare feet so I asked for an unsullied pair – well, for that price, I wasn’t willing to put up with someone else’s dirt!



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