Restoring the Work/Life Balance

I’m four months into a new job and it has been a massive challenge.

I’m used to that, the last two jobs were big challenges too and the first of those took 6 months of working 14 hour days and working at home at night and at the weekends to get into.  By year three, I had succeeded in everything that had been required, and was at a point where I was busy but relaxed, the job had changed into manage and improve.  I was offered another position out of the blue and that was a very different world with another steep learning curve with some pretty difficult challenges.  Two years in, I was at the point of manage and improve but was being made redundant.  Thankfully, I had another offer and after taking a two week break, started my new job.

I didn’t apply for any of those three jobs, they found me and at exactly the right times too – I needed to get back into my career and relocate when the first came along.  The long hours were easy because I didn’t know anyone locally so throwing myself into my work was great for me, I didn’t have too much time to think about the fact that I was 250 miles from some of my closest friends.  I would never have left that job before getting it to a point where it could be handed over without any challenges left to tackle.

When I began the next job, I decided to do some things that were just for me.  I joined a theatre company, started Tai Chi classes, did a foundation diploma in art, design and media and started ice-skating lessons.

Work stresses caused my health, and consequently, my new life activities to suffer and then redundancy and a new job and boy, did I have to hit the ground running!

Equilibrium is in sight though.  I’m over the hump at work although still massively busy, I am at least working almost normal hours again and I finish early on Fridays and go skating with the girls.  I’ve resumed my studies with a BA (Hons) in Creative Arts and I have even had two social events in the last 4 weeks with a barbecue for my friends and a girls’ night out!  We did karaoke at a local pub and all had a great time, even managing to recruit a couple of new members to the theatre company.  More exciting still, I had my new shoes to wear 😀

Even more amazing, I had the energy to do most of the housework this weekend!

I’m starting to feel a little bit more like me again and hopefully, I will be able to go back to Tai Chi again soon.  I really miss it.   It was the one thing that I could do on my own at home but I miss learning, the rest of the class and our fabulous instructor.  I also think that I am getting rusty because whilst i was really ill, I could only manage a little so I haven’t practiced as much I would have liked.

I have a full page to-do list at work (31 tasks) and at home (32 tasks) but I am working my way through them slowly – none of them are massively urgent so it’s all good.

Most impressive of all, I transferred my entire music library from my old XP machine to my lappie in preparation for the replacement desktop that I’m saving up for.  I was most disappointed though – I couldn’t find the stats on how much music I have and how long it would take to play that used to show at the bottom of the window in the old i-tunes.


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