This time last year, I was no longer able to walk a mile without it wiping me out entirely.

Yesterday, I had an optician and hair appointment, the shops are no longer within the same mall.  I planned it so that I could go and sort my glasses out, then meet a girlfriend so that we could go and get our hair done before heading for lunch and cocktails.

I could barely move when we got to the restaurant but the little fizz in a Cana Royale relaxed my muscles sufficiently to be able to stand upright again,  When I got home, I put my route into and discovered that I had done 8.14 miles!

It seems nothing to most people I know and it would have seemed a trivial amount to me in the days when I walked 15 miles a day but it has taken me 10 months to get to this point so I am over the moon!  I thought that I would be a mess today too but although I woke up in a lot of pain after a long lie-in, I had a nap later and have since been able to do some stretches and open up a few of my vertebrae.

Now I have to push myself a little harder every day.


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