I don’t feel like it today…


A cupboard fell off the wall this morning.  The carcass was pretty rotten at the back and there was probably too much weight on it.  It had been in the bathroom when we moved in – over the bath – but it was a match for the kitchen cupboards and I wanted to be able to put the shower onto a fixing and stand up to shower.  I can’t say that I’m massively sorry, I have hit my head on it a few times and it hurts like you wouldn’t believe when you really crack it!  There is no a lot of homeless cat food so I need to go out and buy a shelf unit and sort it all out.

Also, I have to sort out some clothes for a charity bag, go shopping and finish sorting my art room and that just feels like too big a job.

I brought the washing in t least.  It is so humid at the mo that it was damper than when it went out!

What I want to do is go skating and then go and see friends.

I need to increase my hours at work again for a short while.  I kept my hours to between 40 and 45 for a month or so because maintaining the hours that i was doing was having a detrimental affect in more ways than one but I am getting further and further behind so I’ll have to step it back up again.  I can do a few weekends whilst Mr PinQ is at work so it won’t be too bad.

Onwards and Upwards.





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