How f***ing rude!

Day one at the Glass Hub meant a lot of time slightly stooped over the bench, cutting glass etc and as a consequence, my back was a little sore yesterday.

There were two other people on the course, neither of which could be bothered to turn up at a decent time yesterday.  Whilst I was waiting, I was stretching.  When the woman from Hong Kong with the superiority complex arrived, she told me that it would help if I lost weight.

I’ll give you a moment to process that.

The architect was struggling to get his piece done on time so to help him out, I measured out two litres of water for his plaster mix.  He decided that I am not competent (all of my years in a laboratory were clearly wasted), poured the water away and measured it out again.   WTF?!?!  Then he couldn’t de-mould his refractory mould, so I helped and washed his boards so that Helga and KT didn’t have to.  He couldn’t be bothered to say thank you.

I went outside and phoned Mr PinQ before I punched someone.

Other than that, the weekend was fabulous.  I stayed at the Wellhouse Manor Hotel in Melksham again in my old room and the staff remembered me form last year!  One asked if I was doing my glass thing again.  That is incredible customer service, it is 12 months and one week since my last stay and my hair is completely different – hell, I’ve worked with guys who didn’t recognise me at the Christmas do because I had lippy on!

I brought home a pot-melt and some sawn billets to make a stacked construction piece with and I have four pieces in the kiln, including a kiln carved piece that was my special bit – I wasn’t booked on “Controlling Flow” but on “Kiln Carving” but there hadn’t been enough take-up for that weekend so I got a little extra.  The other two managed two pieces each.  I rather expected to only come away with one or two this time because I didn’t have a specific piece in mind, I just wanted to go with it (I won’t go for the obvious pun here!).

I had a mega lie-in this morning.  It felt great having an extra day off work.  I love my job but I was badly in need of a little break so I had Friday, Monday and I have this coming Friday off.

I took H to have her cast off on Friday morning, we did lunch, walked the greyhounds and then I toddled up to Melksham for my lushy little treat. and a weekend of creativity.  I was introduced by KT as “Our resident artist”.  How lovely is that?  When I was leaving last night, I asked Helga if it would be okay to fill my travel mug for the drive home, she seemed shocked as she said, “Of course, you don’t have to ask.  This is your home!”  I love those ladies so much.  It is really nice to be greeted with a warm smile, hug and a kiss and made to feel like you’re at home, rather than just a customer.  If that weren’t enough, they have given me a real love for glass as a sculptural material and every time I go, I learn so much from them.  They are devoted to education in glass and they are so passionate about their work that you can’t help but fall in love with it.  The beauty of glass work is that there is something for everyone, fusing, slumping, kiln carving, kiln casting, blowing and lamp work.  You don’t have to be able to do everything but you can have a go.  Treat yourself to a Christmas workshop if you fancy a taster at lamp-work, blowing and fusing, it’s great fun!

This afternoon, I clad the old chicken coop & run with ship-lap in the pouring rain to keep the guinea-girls dry.  The rain is relentless today and I felt really guilty for not doing it when the weather was nice!  I gave myself just enough time to change into my skating gear because I was soaked to the skin but I’ve just checked on them ans they are all dry and toasty on the ground floor, not just in the coop – and that’s before the new floor goes in!

I passed my bronze tonight!  Go me!  Silver will be a challenge because of the back cross-rolls but I am stepping through it nicely and did some more cherry-flips tonight so it might not take me as long as I’m expecting.

Sleeps now, I’m a tired bear.  See you all on the morrow xx


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