When not to call out a warning

Mr PinQ and I cycled into town today because I needed to purchase an item of my pantomime costume for next weekend.  We stopped for coffee and a panini before heading for home and as we unlocked our bicycles, I asked what route we should take home.  Mr PinQ made a suggestion that would be significantly longer than necessary but that would be pleasant and take in the lovely sea view on the last leg.

It is only recently that I began cycling again and as such, I am still not as adept as I was when I was a teenager and cycling the strange country roads in Ontario unaccompanied.  I am now past the wobbling up the road stage, the terrified of the traffic stage and the concentrating on the cycling stage and am progressing quite nicely but I cycle as I walk, with all of my senses tuned to my surroundings.  I cycle with my ears and proximity sensors on highest alert because I am not yet capable of riding one-handed for more than a couple of seconds and can only manage a swift look in a direction other than that which I am traveling in.  Consequently, I can’t ride with Mr PinQ beside, just in front or just behind me and prefer to stay well back.

Thus we rode along the recently re-surfaced cycle path at the side of the road and as we approached a well-known supermarket, a white Audi past me at great speed.  I instinctively knew what he was going to do but did not believe anyone so stupid.  I dared not call out to Mr PinQ, who’s immediate response would have been to turn back and look at me, I knew that he needed to be looking ahead.  I also knew that he would be fine.

My premonition was correct.  The Audi turned left in front of Mr PinQ even as he crossed the junction.

Thankfully, he is unscathed.

Unfortunately, the driver is also unscathed.

The driver’s actions were entirely intentional.  This was not one of those devastating near misses where you are horrified by your mistake.  He increased his speed as he passed me, fully intending to cut across my husband at that junction.

As a side note, the life insurance payments are up-to-date 😛


5 thoughts on “When not to call out a warning

  1. bribikes

    I love how we are supposed to be living in a “civilized” society yet people drive like no one else’s safety matters to them. I am glad you are both okay.

    1. pinqart Post author

      I have had some near misses as a driver because I have, for some reason, lost concentration for a moment and I have been mortified. I think that’s why I am so shocked by this fella – he intended to take that turn regardless.

      Thank you. Me too. I prefer to keep paying the life insurance!

  2. Human Interest

    As a member of the Audi community, I will like to apologize for this person’s actions. We’re not all that reckless! I’m glad that you and your husband are okay. I hope something like this never happens again.

    1. pinqart Post author

      Thank you lovely!

      I hadn’t thought it was a trait specific to Audi owners, I’m rather fond of them myself 🙂

      I’m just working on the latest bit of fun on the road, far more exciting…

      1. Human Interest

        You’re welcome!

        I wasn’t sure. Some folks tend to write people or things off because of one negative experience.

        I’m glad! By the way, happy New Years!

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