New Year Resolutions

I normally don’t make a New Year resolution.  If I’m completely honest, I don’t think that I ever have, perhaps because everyone that I know that does make them ends up breaking them within a month.

A lot of the people that I know who have made a resolution this year have made it for a specific length of time.  Setting achievable targets, there’s a novel idea 😛

This year I have made one.  I have promised myself that I will not work more than 50 hours per week.  For starters, I am only paid for 37 hpw and whilst I am expected to work a reasonable amount of overtime for free, even an extra 13 exceeds my idea of reasonable.

In the last 9 months, I have kept my hours to below 45 for a whole 6 weeks, the rest has varied from 46 – 70 hpw and far too many of those were between 60 and 70.  I started to feel MEish again by November and only really got some recovery time over the Christmas break.  During the week and a half off, I rested, exercised and performed in panto (Oh yes I did!).  I should have:

  • Caught up on my paperwork – last set of Committee minutes that are 2-3 months overdue
  • Done some housework – the depth of dust is disgraceful
  • Been part of the set build and tech & dress rehearsal for the panto
  • Completed assignment 3 of my degree

There are lots of other things on the to-do list but those five were important but not as important as my health.

The reason that I am so far behind on everything is the hours I’ve been putting in at work and the stress that I’ve been under.  This week has been really stressful but on two days this week I’ve done a little fartlek training after work to shake off the stress and anger.  It has also been exhausting but I am really pleased that I still did the run that I planned today.  I intend to get my health back, get back to Tai Chi classes and keep on top of the things that I want/need to do outside of work without collapsing and the only way to achieve that is to stop working the stupid hours.

As for my hours…

Well, I’ve only done 49 hours this week.  Only 51 weeks to go!


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