I am trying to work out what to ask Mr PinQ to get me for my birthday.

I normally don’t have too much fuss but next year is my 20-20th and this evening is an early, impromptu birthday celebration of roller-skating, a meal and karaoke.  Next year’s will need to include parties in the North and South so a little practice can’t hurt!

My choices are:

A couple of Zoggs swimsuits and Glass Hub vouchers.  Zoggs became my choice of swimsuit because of the half dozen or so that I have bought over the last 9 years, my Zoggs is the oldest, looks great, hasn’t lost its ability to hold everything in and has retained its opacity.  I have only just started swimming again since the illness 18 months ago and most of my suits only lasted a couple of years so now that I am swimming regularly, I need more Zoggs.

Zoggs 1 Zoggs 3

Some lushy DMs for work because my pretty heeled Mary-Janes had to be thrown away when the buckle detached a couple of months ago.  These are the two that I am trying to choose between (but I am open to suggestions!):

DM boot  DM Brandie

Or a set of Coronation Ace blades for my ice-skates.  They are lighter, have a better toe-rake and blade profile than my current ones and would make the jumps and spins so much easier now that I am trying to do silver.  I bought Edea boots almost two years ago because I knew that they would last but the standard blade that is fitted is still relatively cheap and no where near the quality of the boot:

coronation ace

Or maybe I should ask for a pair of incredible roller-boots:


Oh, I’ve just seen the price of those, they can wait!

*sigh* decisions, decisions.


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