Monthly Archives: March 2015

Personal Admin vs Sleep

For a couple of months now, my personal admin has gone to the wall.  I believe it started as my hours at work got beyond reasonable whilst my backlog continued to increase.  Since then, although doing less hours at work, I am still doing too many and have to go in for a few hours over the weekend to prep for the coming week.  I intend to do a lot of hours every other weekend to start chipping away at my backlog but I still have to plan in time to get through my personal admin:

  • I don’t know how late I am with my degree assignment so I must do a couple more sketches, check that I finished the research and write up my evaluation before I post it to my tutor
  • I have to finish the Burlesque choreography for the show so that we can practice it
  • I have a questionnaire to create
  • I must crack through my next degree assignment – I have to finish my first subject by the end of the school year
  • My art room/visiting children’s room is a tip.  I started sorting paperwork for archiving and art materials back in my November week of unpaid leave but ran out of time and have since ignored it
  • My clothes need to be sorted into: charity shop, work, smart, casual, dressy
  • I haven’t had a haircut since August
  • I have two baby raggy-blankies to make
  • I have several other raggy blankies to make for double beds
  • I’m part way through making pair of nets to stop our weirdo neighbour from peering in
  • We need a new back fence for the reason given above
  • I need to chase up on missing Christmas and Birthday gift orders and a work beverages order
  • The kitchen, bathroom, dining room and both sitting rooms need decorating
  • I owe the guinea-girl-babies another floor
  • We have to get some new chooks, I miss having chooks around and can’t face bought eggs anymore
  • I have to write a letter to accompany a real Unicorn’s horn for a very special little girl and deliver it to her via her Grandma
  • I have 4 letters to write
  • There is a deep scratch on my car that a gang of urchins gouged when I challenged them one night – some of you will remember my solution to an accidental scratch on CarlosCarlos' Hearts Carlos' Hearts 2

Tonight, after cycling home from work with a stop for a 1:20 gym workout; I had a shower and something to eat with every intention of getting on with the final bits for Assignment 3 of my degree.  When I sat down, I realised how tired I am.

I’m going to go to bed instead.  I can take on one job at a time but not until I’ve had some rest!