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The journey continues

It has been a while I know but here I am!

I didn’t place in the talent show, fourth place but to be honest, I was so nervous because it was my first and pleased that I was there at all.  The star judge was Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps!** Correction, Tina Barrett from S Club 7 (Mr PinQ corrected me – I was never a fan of either, can you tell?)

Anyhoo, a few weeks later, I attended an Executive workshop at the National Career Service.  It was really good and offered some great tips to getting back into work or getting the job that you want.  They are actually a charity and the service that they provide is superb – if ever you need help getting the right job, I highly recommend looking at what the NCS has to offer.

I signed off early in November, I’ll pay my own National Insurance.  I needed to get control of my life back.  Job searching and applying for things that I am sifted out of as “over-qualified” or, “well, she won’t stay long” for 5 hours every day was soul destroying.

I cracked on and started making.  I made a stock of SLS free soaps, SLS and SLES free argan oil shampoos, strawberry jam, lemon curd, onion marmalade, redcurrant jelly, chilly jelly, chilly jam and scented candles.  Mr PinQ and I made our way to the Christmas Fair to sell our wares and when I left the stall to sing with the Theatre Company, he’d sold loads.  It turns out that my sweet Irish boy is great at selling the products that I am great at making so I left him to it.

I have been offered a job as a Youth Worker, despite my lack of experience, starting in the New Year for 8 hours a week which suits me fine.  I also have three possible short-term contracts in Quality coming up.  Whilst I don’t want to go back to being a Quality Manager permanently, I’ll be happy to do a bit of contract work.

The degree isn’t really moving.  I’m feeling pretty demotivated to be honest.  The tutor didn’t seem to read my written work initially.  There is no mandatory written work but I like to do a piece on my research, development and outcome as was required at Diploma level because if nothing else, it’s a damn good record of the creative process for me.  He makes comments that if he’d read what I had written, he would have seen in my text and realised that I was already aware of.  In assignment 1, I wrote about 10 pages on the methods that I had used for creating some glass sculptures because although the finished pieces weren’t what you would consider to be “stacked construction, the methods were – such as my crow and kiln carved pieces below:

The latter being a continuation of a theme, a new way to represent the sea as first seen in my original sculpture at Diploma:

The Wash

He actually stated that the pieces weren’t obviously “stacked construction” and that I should write up the method so that the observer would understand that.

This is why I don’t really believe that he reads what I spend hours writing and it has left me really flat and uninspired – to the point where I didn’t even bother to put together a photo album of pieces from my last assignment:

It was “modelling in clay and plaster” and I started thinking about the Escher staircases and Möbius strips and ended up with a development of an impossible circle from clay to a plaster carving and some accompanying drawings.  I also made a couple of Unicorns horns from white sparkly Fimo which began as a legend that I created for the granddaughter of a dear friend a year ago.  I sent one to her via her Grandma with a letter explaining that my Unicorn rescued a baby one who had broken his leg and that whilst under our care, had lost his baby horn (like you lost your baby teeth) and that it needed to be kept safe.

I submitted photos of the Unicorn’s horns and a copy of the letter with a full explanation of the legend and all that my tutor had to say was that I had taken the form of a Unicorn’s horn too literally.

Funny that.  The little girl that it was intended for would not have grasped the point to an abstract of a Unicorn’s horn so a literal representation was really the only way to go.

Currently working on “Casting in Plaster” which started with an exercise in casting rubbish and hasn’t really grabbed me but I have eventually come up with a bit of a post apocalypse/Mad Max sort of theme.  Pics to follow when complete.