It’s not a good idea…

…to look in the mirror when you’ve been struggling with nutrition for months, have a tummy bug and are very, very tired.

I had slept for an extra 2 hours this morning but when I glanced in the bathroom mirror, the exhausted face that looked back was something of a shock.  Even my skin looked exhausted.

I scooped up my fringe and  realised that my eyebrows were suffering from months of neglect too and thought: “I’ll feel better if I tidy up my eyebrows.”  Those of you that know me of old will be well aware of how big a “thing” that is for me.

I grabbed the tweezers and then did something _really_ stupid.  I nipped upstairs and got my magnifying mirror.

Suddenly, I could see how bad my psoriasis looked and discovered that my face was also covered in evil looking blackheads.

I know better than to pluck my eyebrows when my psoriasis is up, I end up ripping out little chunks of flesh with every hair but I proceeded all the same.  The trouble is, the blackheads were somewhat distracting and it took me an hour and a half to trim and pluck my eyebrows into a satisfactory condition because I kept having to go and grab a tissue and deal with the evil little monsters that were growing on my face.

Cleansed and toned, awaiting a nice, soothing face mask, my skin – apart form the psoriasis – is blemish-free and my eyebrows have at last been tamed.  I hope to meet a younger, fresher version of me in the mirror later!


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