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Conquering Fear

After fracturing my spine (falling on snow), I became more and more afraid of things.

In the last five years, I have had to learn to do things that I wouldn’t have thought twice about before and each time I have done something new, I have been shaking.  I have climbed trees, learned to ice-skate (starting Silver tomorrow!), built and covered the roof of Chinchilla Towers and climbed up onto the maintenance platform on the tail of several Chinooks.

For a long time, I have wanted to cycle again.

My first bike came from Leeds and my mum borrowed stabilizers from a neighbour but my step-dad ripped them off when he got home.  Every morning, we got up super-early and went around the Coalies with me cycling and him holding onto the back of my bike.  For a week or so, he ran along behind, no longer holding on but whilst I was unaware, all was well; it was only when I turned around one day and realized that he was no longer holding on that I had a wobble!  I loved that bike.

As a teenager, three of us girls went cycling for the day around Bury and Heywood after an impromptu sleep-over following a party.  I hadn’t cycled for a few years then but it was fine.  A couple of years later, I borrowed my auntie’s bike and cycled for miles in Canada.  I was 15 then.

A few years after fracturing my spine, I dislocated my hip and since then, whenever I have tried to use an exercise bike in a gym, my hip has tried to dislocate after about 10 minutes.  Consequently, I have been frightened of cycling.

20-something years on, I finally saw the perfect bicycle:

Pashley Poppy Pastel Blue

It is a Pashley, hand-made in England and a beautiful piece of engineering.  Although mine has a basket fitted to the front.  I collect it at the weekend!